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Hidewalker Golf Swing Training Aid Set, Professional Motion Posture Correction Arm Belt Swing Trainer For Beginners Men Women Kids Gesture Corrector (yellow)


Brand: HidewalkerColor: yellowFeatures: ✅WAY TO USE TRAINING AID : First, keep the club and right arm in a line; second, points the aid to the right arm when you swing the club up and the aid will touch and hold the left forearm to form a 90-degree angle; it will...

Brand: Hidewalker

Color: yellow


  • ✅WAY TO USE TRAINING AID : First, keep the club and right arm in a line; second, points the aid to the right arm when you swing the club up and the aid will touch and hold the left forearm to form a 90-degree angle; it will also form a 90-degree angle when you swing the club down, and when hitting the ball, the holder club and the left arm remain in line and the aid points to your left arm; when you're facing the target, the holder rests on the left forearm and the club is level.
  • ✅GOLG SWING TRAINING ARM BAND:The training bands can be stuck between the club and the arm to form a ideal angle and you will get to know the standard swing posture; the training bands that keep your arms stay in a correct way in order to score goals.
  • ✅IMPROVE YOUR SWING : Use this unique golf arm band to help improve your golf game and swing. after hard practice, the muscle will keep the training memory and perform the perfect posture even after the product is removed. set a perfect foundation for the motion before you start the game! all levels of golfers could benefit from using this easy golf posture corrector. beginners will need this swing aid especially to correct the movement - it will help improve the accuracy and distance.
  • ✅ PERFORMANCE FOR ALL : Beginners, social golfers, professionals golfers, suitable for both right and left handed golfers, men, women and junior golfers many professional tour players use it to warm up and control their swing positions.
  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE : The swing training aid set is mainly made of pvc and abs materials; arm band made of elastic fabric, featured by its good elasticity, can be stretched, not easy to deform, extremely durable in use. not too heavy and easy to carry, convenient for you to take to anywhere you want, can bring you golf fun in many occasions.

Details: Golf Swing trainer Maximizes distance and accuracy Optimum ball flight and control Correct clubface alignment Improves grip and width of arc Check completion of backswing Correct start of downswing Improves impact position Improves follow through on plane It allows you to feel the Correct Positions If you are trying to shorten your backswing, the feedback will help instantly! At address, the Swing Guide must be positioned directly on top of the shaft, in line with your shoulder. During the Takeaway with shoulder turn and arm straight, your club must becomes parallel to the ground (your clubface is square if the Swing Guide points towards the sky) On the Downswing, this device encourages keeping the wrists in a powerful lag position, without leaking power by casting or throwing the hands away from the body. At impact, the Swing Guide is again on top of the shaft as the ball is struck with a square club face, aligned with your arm and wrist. After impact, you will be shown the correct radial deviation of the wrist which will make sure you extend out towards the target achieving good weight transfer and balance. You should finish in a relaxed position, facing the target, with the club shaft between your head and shoulder. Create The Correct Swing Motion This tool will quickly become a must-have in your Golf Bag! A Great Golf Gift Idea For Any Golfers ! The impact it can have on your golf game is worth at least 20 lessons! Specifications :  Golf training aids  Material: nylon  Color :  yellow Golf swing band  Material: elastic knitted material  Size : 80*350mm Color : black Package includes:  1 x Golf training aids  1 x Golf arm band

Package Dimensions: 10.6 x 4.7 x 1.1 inches

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